Nonsensical Naughtiness.

OK so it’s been a while, I’ve been travelling to the other side of the world checking out different smiles. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice holiday, lots of fresh air and that, but now I’m back in lonely London occupying square one just in time for the New Year to rain down on my mood (all hail the pathetic fallacy of this pissy weather).

Whilst I was away I substituted expensive activities with writing a lot,(having a hobbie such as this does save on funds). And, as a result I now have a wealth of rhymes to weave into the web over the coming months. This particular poem came about after checking in on the BBC website, only to be greeted with a shit-storm of bullshit on how the world’s bulging at the seams with insidious levels of binge-drinking and homelessness whilst at the same time quivering in fear of the oncoming shadow storm that calls itself ISIS.

There’s so much nonsense about at the moment, I can’t seem to make any of sense of it (unless I’m reading Through the Looking Glass, in which case let the nonsense ensue). I vaguely remember some guy (can’t remember who) saying that to write nonsense is like going to sea in a sieve’. I thought it was a rather clever saying, so here is my poem about all the nonsense that’s going on in the world; if you can’t make any sense of it, we’re all going to sink to the bottom anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

I hope you all enjoy my words. HNY. x


I’m waiting for sleep to come,
But I can’t shake from my sighs
That the World’s gone wrong.
I’m pleading as high as the sky
To bring peace to my eyes
So that for a few moments of silence
I’m gone.

But my mind’s etching scars like the Somme,
It’s all gone fucking peep tong,
I’m flashing nerves,
They’re parasitic,
Haven’t you heard?
It’s now cool to get paralytic,
To drown out your school sorrows
‘Till your sick on it.

I’m shivering with shame
In between the sheets,
I’m not fucking surprised
I can’t get no sleep,
My mind’s digging too deep,
Foolish slave, Silly Master,
Quick, someone get my life a plaster!
I’m a middle-class white girl
Life doesn’t get any harder!

Oh shit, I’ve gone and got myself
A bachelor’s degree,
Why does it always rain on me?
We’re all so fucking hard to please,
Society’s shaking
‘Cos of all the fat on their knees,
Got people popping happy pills
Just to breathe,
Just to see through the cracks that bleed

It’s all bleak.
We’re all just trying to get through
The fucking week,
And yet here I am still waiting for sleep
And when I dream all I dream
Is crumbling teeth,
The audacity.
I’m reaching the breach of cries,
Full capacity.

We all need to open our eyes,
Wake up and smell the lies,
‘Cos how can we be civilised?
When there are people on the streets
But you can still get wifi?
Got no money coming in
So you’re buying grease
At a drive-by?
You got wads of cash
In your pocket so you don’t

Want change
But you’re still pointing your finger
At someone else who’s to blame.
Things stay the same.
Rigid little figures
Of a checkered board game.
It all paints disdain, but we need
To start looking outside the frame

‘Cos there’s a storm coming,
And it’s getting closer to home
I can feel it, I can feel it
Writhing in my bones,
The worm stirring in my heart
Has turned to stone,
Surging into shadows
Of a world unknown.

Time’s ticking
Like an itch,
Time’s growing strong,

There’s a bomb.
Life goes on,
But it leaves a scar
On our built up streets
Of decadent dreams,
Reality’s seething with a ruptured spleen
Europe’s bleeding on this
Sinking ship
And it’s all obscene
And so, so fleeting,

I wish I was sleeping,
Dreaming about grass
And sheep bleating.
But the grass isn’t greener,
Infact it’s dead.
‘Cos all those soldier boys
Have lost their heads
Gunning freedom down
For a paradise misled
Surely it’s better to just
Play COD instead?

‘Cos life’s too short
To ruminate a crisis,
What was their name again?
Was it ISIS?
I’ve already forgotten
I got dumped last night
So I’ve hit rock bottom,
I’m walking into prison,
This is a social cataclysm!

Foolish slave, Silly master,
I’ve got something else to cry about
Let’s laugh harder!
I’m splitting my sides
At this fucking disaster
We’re all wasting our lives
On pity slander and moaning,
This is the free world,
Let’s zone-in.

So I’m done sleep-walk stressing,
It’s time I started counting
My blessings,
So if you want me, I’ll be on
The right track,
Shaking these monkeys
Off my back, come,
Take my hand baby,
We’ll run away from the cracks.

Let’s coalesce, in make-believe
You see what you can make,
And you believe,
So forget about your enemies
You’ve got a right
To your light
And that’s your remedy.
Because nothing, nothing
Is ever what it seems,

But what is life, but a dream?


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