Writing ‘to do’ lists and other semi-important things…

I’m sure most of you can all relate to those lazy, hazy afternoons spent relishing in the sweet-tasting, slow moving sunshine of doing fuck all. On these occasions I like to write, and let the words that often get jumbled when trying to express myself to other people take the stage on the page. A few weeks ago I wrote this poem, read it however you will.

Choosing the right moment.

I’ve just written a to-do list.

And so far there’s only two things on it:


And an afternoon of thought defining.

Can’t you see boy I need realigning,

‘Cos right now, i’m tranquilising my pining

For those long lost days of runaway dreams,

And pleasure trails that tease me down stream.

Everyone says that time heals,

And right now i’m asking the hours

To give some love to this lurching abyss

Trapped in reminisce.

I wish I knew how to describe it,

I feel like a convict, a thief,

Snatching at time to satisfy love’s divine,

‘Cos boy every time you give me the eye

Or whisper that line I’m hooked into your crimes

Like a first timer dribbling tequila and lime.

Entrench me with your alkalies

And i’ll be your alibi,

Partners in crime,

Who needs a valentine

When we’re in this VIP paradigm?

And I’ve come to realise that life is

Just a heavy helping of the cruellest mathematics,

We’d live forever if our bodies could stand it

So here we are snatching at moments like bandits.

And I know it’s hard to admit

That we live like junkies

Riding on the next hit,

So i’m going to use my words

To show you how I feel about it.

‘Cos it’s important to avoid disparity

In favour of clarity,

Otherwise life starts to resemble

A Shakespearean tragedy.

And believe me boy when I say,

That i’m not trying to be quixotic,

But i’m besotted with your verbal remedies

That encapsulates and extrapolates

The real me.

I’m helpless in the sway of our make-believe,

Quivering in the wake of our skin shivering memories.

Come dance with me,

In the climax of our youth,

Make love on the ashes of our tediously aloof existence

That only magnifies my insistence

For our climatising existence together.

Me. You. We. Hours,

That devours,

You better pick that flower boy before it sours

‘Cos like my Mumma says,

Nothing lasts forever,

But when it’s just me and you together

It feels like I could spend forever

In just one moment with you.

I’ve stumbled upon my oasis,

My oasis of dreams, in my asylum of serene.

For one moment I can turn my back on the fact

That it’s all positively obscene

That I can’t escape the fate of our final scene.

I feel like I need to reprimand the universe,

Shout out to the world the injustice of man’s greatest curse

But I fear that getting angry would only make things worse.

So i’ll sink back into my timeless parallel,

My timeless parallel of thoughts of you.

And all the crimes we’ve acquiesced to.

Cheating time’s a thrill when it’s just us two

So i’ll admit to the world that there is an exception,

Which brings me to my final question

Do you feel the same too?


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